Images of monkeys and apes

Primate Species

Primate Gallery

Table of Contents

Cheirogaleidae Dwarf Lemurs and Mouse Lemurs
Lemuridae Lemurs
Megaladapidae Lepilemur
Indriidae Avahi, Indris, and Sifakas
Daubentoniidae Aye-aye
Loridae Pottos and Lorises
Galagonidae Galagos
Tarsiidae Tarsiers
Callitrichidae Marmosets and Tamarins
Cebidae Cebid Monkeys
Cercopithecidae Old World Monkeys
Hylobatidae Gibbons and Siamang
Hominidae Great Apes and Man

How species of primates are threatened with extinction?

Of the world’s 400+ primate species, 114 are classified as threatened with extinction by the World Conservation Union. (IUCN)

25 Most Endangered Primates


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